by Seed of Life

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The first track from their upcoming album "Seasons"


Your, mine.
Is it a sense fucking listen, wind in my face I think of mistakes, That I've made. The cold disguise that you wore to take her away.

(You've made me feel like hades, and you were Persephone)

I new, my fate.

Chosen, from the face of the earth when I saw you I new I would be your King. When I saw you there walking through the fields Then I new you'd belong to me. We ruled my world as days pondered into weeks. Then you left my realm and seasons have been created.

Seasons were made, to help me cope with this. Seasons were made to help me cope with this.

Fuck. Breathe life into nature for the rest of the world to be free
I let you go so the rest of the world can see what I see.
There will never be a time and place when I feel your touch and see your face. I only wish I could've given you seven seeds. And if I suffer alone why do I rule this placeCause suffering is something that makes me weak. It's loss, it will break me down and fill me with hate. I'm not. I won't give in to a sightless being.

If I suffer alone why do I feel this hate, when it's suffering from someone who can't be seen.

We've told our stories and we've bonded on so many things, but now this silence is destroying everything I need, to move on, to carry on in my world of hate, I need some guidance and I just need to hear you speak. Cause when you crumbled at my feet i had to send you away. But we both know that I need you to stay.
So what am I meant to be, when I feel so alone. And you've spent so long making me out like hades. Please Persephone don't leave me in this abyss. I've waisted far to long and I just need to hear you speak. Please break this silence Don't keep pushing me beneath. Please give me guidance so I can finally rest in peace.

I miss you everyday. And everyday I'm not the same. Cause your not here with me.

Set, me, free
I've felt the touch of your embrace, you helped me find myself when I was only mistakes. I've given everything to help you forgive me. But will you ever know, that I just want to be free'd


released June 19, 2016
Ryan Mitchell - Vocals.
Steven Kingston - Instrumental.



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Vessels Space Merida, Mexico

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